This Manchester boutique is selling bath bombs with figurines of your favourite characters hidden inside

Soapy J

If you’re in need of a good old pamper this winter, look no further than Affleck’s own Soapy J.

Bath bombs are essential for a warm, relaxing evening on a cold winter night – but the ones available from this Manchester boutique have a hidden surprise in the centre.

Soapy J has set out to completely change baths as we know them – adding a fun and surprising twist by including a miniature figurine.

All kinds of great characters are available, too – including Harry Potter, Mario, Pokemon, Spongebob, Disney Princesses and The Avengers.

Soapy J

It’s a great gimmick – but there’s no compromise on quality.

Describing the bath bombs, Soapy J state: “Our minifigure bath bombs fizz, foam and spin in your bath creating a ripple of non-drying, sulfate free foamy art with amazing natural fragrances.”

If mini-figures aren’t your cup of tea, the brand is offering plenty of other bath bomb surprises for you to try -including keyrings, plectrums and pendants.

There’s also a ‘kind to skin’ range with colourful bath bombs in classic scents.

You can shop the collection of mini-figurine bath bombs from the official website.

Make sure to follow their Instagram to stay in the loop with all of their exciting new launches.

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