These seven dogs are competing to be crowned ‘Britain’s ugliest dog’

Just seven remain...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 20th January 2023

Seven pooches are competing to be crowned the ugliest dog in Britain, as a nationwide competition draws to a close.

From buggy eyes to crooked teeth to patchy fur, these little dogs are all hoping to take the crown as the nation’s most aesthetically-challenged mutt.

Hundreds applied (or their owners did, at least) but now only a handful of dogs remain.

The breeds still in the running are mostly either bulldogs, pugs, or some sort of cross-breed featuring one of the two, with one rogue Brusston (a Brussels Griffon and Boston Terrier mix) remaining.

The competition has been organised by photography company Parrot Print, who ‘believe every pet, no matter how ugly, deserves to feel special’.


The winner will be treated to a free grooming and photography session to celebrate and champion their… erm… unusual appearance.

Representing the north of England on the shortlist for the Britain’s ugliest dog award is Bella, a pug from Sheffield; Peggy, a pug/Chinese Crested mix from East Yorkshire; and Roger, a pug/toy poodle cross from West Yorkshire.


There’s also Wiltshire’s French bulldog Marnie, a British bulldog from the West Midlands called Winston George, Jazz (the aforementioned Brusston) from North Wales, and Milo, a blue French bulldog from Kent.

Their most remarkable features include an underbite (Roger, Marnie and Milo all guilty of this one) and squashed faces (which is basically all of them).

But our front-runner has to be the gorgeous Peggy, whose fur sprouts out in patches from her wrinkled skin and whose tongue lolls out sideways.


Even her own owners described her as ‘Marmite’.

They told the BBC: “Sometimes I forget that she doesn’t look like a normal dog and then we walk down the street and you can hear people whispering and saying ‘Oh wow, look at that!’.”

Matt Dahan, founder of Parrot Prints, said: “We received hundreds of entries and these seven were the ones who made our eyes hurt when we looked at them. There really are some ugly mutts out there in the UK and we hope our contest will celebrate the best of them.

“We were clear from the outset that no pretty pets need apply and these seven certainly could not be described as good looking in any way, shape or form.

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“Now our judges have the tough task of choosing exactly which of these mutts is the most offensive to look a t.We will select one of these pets for the coveted title of Britain’s ugliest dog and they will win a makeover and photo session. Let’s see if we can transform the winning ugly dog into a beautiful pooch and brighten up its owner’s life at the same time.


“There have been a number of TV shows where humans get tarted-up and given a makeover so we thought it would be fun to do the same thing for a dog. We believe we can transform them into something truly beautiful and give their owners a fantastic photoshoot experience too.

“We look forward to selecting the winner and sharing their photoshoot experience with the world when we hope to show that every dog is beautiful no matter how ugly they might first appear.”

Featured image: Parrot Prints