‘Little scoundrel’ granted lifetime access to Warehouse Project after making a fake pass to get in for free

"Caused a bit of confusion, but impressive."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th October 2021

A lad has been granted lifetime access to Warehouse Project after he made his own forged pass to get into the club event for free this past weekend.

The homemade pass was shown by the chancer to security staff at Depot Mayfield ahead of the Adam Beyer Presents Drumcode event on Saturday, and it read: “This pass grants the holder lifetime access to WHP events and Parklife,” followed by the lad’s details and pass issue and expiry dates.

The end of the pass also told staff to “ensure name matches pass before granting entry.”

Despite it seeming to be a pretty genuine and “impressive” forged pass, Warehouse Project and Parklife co-founder Sacha Lord was quick to notice that something wasn’t quite right.

Taking to Twitter to share a picture of the pass and comically explain what happened, Mr Lord said: “A new one last night. Someone tried to get in, by making themselves a ‘Lifetime Access Pass to WHP and Parklife’.


“[It] caused a bit of confusion, but [it is] impressive.”

The tweet has been causing quite the stir since posting, going onto amass thousands of likes and retweets, and hundreds of comments from people praising the lad’s – named Ellis Hall – “superb” and “creative” effort for trying his luck.


Many also questioned whether or not it actually worked, and he managed to gain access.

Others questioned whether or not the pass could’ve actually been genuine, pointing out that passes of a similar nature have been offered as competition prizes previously – but Ellis responded, confirming it was “defo was not genuine”.

Hilariously, Ellis also quote tweeted Mr Lord’s tweet saying “Mum, I made it,” and his mum then replied too, calling him her “clever son”.


Although it is still unclear as to whether Ellis actually did gain access to the nightclub event, it appears that those he attended with confirmed he did, with one response to Gary Neville’s son George’s tweet saying: “Can confirm he did get in using this pass.”

Sacha Lord also brilliantly followed up on his initial tweet, saying that he managed to get in touch with the “little scoundrel”.

And surprisingly, he granted Ellis a lifetime pass for real this time.

“Just as an update, I’ve been in contact with the little scoundrel and have given him Lifetime Access for effort,” Mr Lord said.

“Funny genius.”

Featured Image – Warehouse Project / Sacha Lord