Morrisons security guard who kept dog dry during rainfall is a national hero

A Morrisons security guard has gone viral after a photo of him shielding a golden retriever from the rain found its way onto social media yesterday.

Ethan Dearman was snapped by Twitter user Mel Gracie as he held an umbrella over the soggy pup, who seemed to appreciate the kind gesture.

And it didn’t take long to start gathering some traction online, during a time in which any act of kindness is embraced as the nation attempts to recover from three months of strict lockdown measures.

The post has since received over 90,000 likes and 11,000 retweets, and people have been praising the security guard online for his act of kindness – with the man himself even spotting it on his timeline…

One Twitter user responded to the tweet, writing: “This guy has single handily created more brand value through one innocent act of kindness for another living being than any amount of money ever would have.

“Actually pretty amazing when you start to think about it, a very deep lesson to be learned.”

It’s worth noting that the owner of the dog was contacted, and it has been confirmed that when he entered the supermarket, it wasn’t raining.

Ethan Dearman, you’re a national hero.

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