This is why there’s mysterious statues with banana penises around Manchester

Just another day in Piccadilly Gardens.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th June 2023

Commuters in Manchester yesterday were left doing a double-take on their way through town after a pair of naked statues appeared with… some unusual details.

But rather than having anatomically correct parts, the statues were displayed with bananas for penises, suspended above a pair of walnuts.

The dark grey statues have more than a passing resemblance to Antony Gormley’s Another Place installation at Crosby beach – fruit parts aside.

They were first spotted in Piccadilly Gardens early this morning, close to the Market Street tram stop.

And then as the day went on, they moved over to St Peter’s Square, shortly before it welcomed thousands of Manchester City fans enjoying the club’s victory parade.


So who was behind this mysterious art installation in Manchester?

Well, it was a publicity stunt. Of course it was.


In the afternoon, the statues were dressed up with t-shirts and caps that gave the game away.

They were placed there by online prescription service UK Meds, who carried out the stunt as a way to raise awareness for erectile dysfunction.

They say that research has shown that millennials aged 30-39 were most likely to suffer with or know someone suffering from erectile dysfunction, and that men are emotionally affected but reluctant to seek help.


UK Meds also said that there can be a huge stigma and misunderstanding of the condition.

Hannah Broom, spokesperson for UK Meds, commented: “This research shows that experiencing erectile dysfunction is hugely common, but can have a massive impact on a man’s confidence and therefore mental health.

“Despite this, it’s a subject most men are reluctant to discuss with the people around them – which is a concerning combination.

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“We want to ensure that more people are made aware of the condition and its causes.

“We also want to encourage more men to speak up about it, especially to their loved ones, and to seek help and advice when they need it.”

Featured Image – The Manc Group