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The Reckoning – Steve Coogan makes viewers’ ‘skin crawl’ with chilling portrayal of Jimmy Savile

A very uncomfortable watch.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 9th October 2023

Viewers are already calling for Steve Coogan to be given awards for his portrayal of paedophile TV presenter Jimmy Savile.

The Middleton-born actor is best-known for his role as Alan Partridge, a spoof broadcasting personality.

But now the national treasure has taken on a very different role, starring in BBC’S crime drama series The Reckoning.

Coogan stars as disgraced presenter Jimmy Savile, and his portrayal has stunned and disturbed viewers.

People have said that he’s left them ‘chilled to the bone’ with his uncanny performance.


Many have pointed out how impressive it is that such an established comedy actor can pivot to such a dark role.

Some people have also said that 55-year-old Coogan as Savile is making them feel ‘nauseous’ and making their ‘skin crawl’.


And plenty are calling for him to receive an award, with one person posting on X: “Six minutes in; give Steve Coogan the BAFTA now. Absolutely chilled to the bone. #TheReckoning.”

Someone else said: “I wasn’t convinced this was a good idea but what a job Steve Coogan is doing, it sounds so much like Savile that it’s making my skin crawl just hearing his voice.”

One person posted: “Steve Coogan is absolutely outstanding in #thereckoning Bone chillingly accurate voice, mannerisms, etc. So convincing that I feel nauseous watching him.”


Another wrote: “When a comedy hero like Steve Coogan takes on the role of a sinister paedophile, you can’t help but be nervous. Coogan’s portrayal is dark, toe curling and absolutely sickening. He’s absolutely smashing it.”

And someone else said: “It’s hard to believe this is the bloke who “was” Alan Partridge. Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Jimmy Savile is simply extraordinary. Chilling.”

Last year, The Reckoning was spotted filming in Bolton, Coogan transformed with bright blonde hair and dressed in the disgraced TV and radio presenter’s characteristic jester costume.

The town centre’s Le Mans Crescent – which has been a popular filming spot in recent years, with Peaky Blinders, Channel 4’s It’s A Sin, and the currently-airing BBC drama series Ridley Road all making use of the location – is believed to be doubling as Stoke Mandeville Hospital where Savile, who had full access to all parts of the hospital, sexually abused more than 50 people, including an eight-year-old child.

The BBC drama mini-series follows Savile through his early years as a DJ in the dance halls of Northern England, telling the story of how he rose from a working-class background to become one of the biggest stars in television, and the years of sexual abuse and the impact it had on his victims.

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