Dunelm’s new Christmas tree tags campaign aims to ‘deliver joy’ to local communities

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Dunelm has launched a new Christmas Tree Tag Community Service at stores all across the UK with the aim of “delivering joy” this festive season.

The community group-ran campaign sees branches of the high street homeware chain install Christmas trees decorated with gift tags which feature details of some of the local community’s most vulnerable and lonely people in care homes, primary schools and refuges.

Shoppers can then take a gift tag, purchase a gift / make a shoebox for that person, and help “deliver joy”.

People up and down the country have been taking to social media to spread the word of the campaign and encourage others to head to their local Dunelm store in support of the worthy cause.

The campaign is already running at a number of local stores and will continue in the lead up to Christmas

Although the concept of taking tags off a tree can be found at Dunelm stores nationwide, ways to “deliver joy this Christmas” appear to be differing from branch to branch.

Annalise Baker – Staff Member at Dunelm UK – said in a local community group: “This year we are doing a campaign called ‘delivering joy’. We have teamed up with local schools and care homes and others to deliver some joy to the vulnerable people who may not see anyone over Christmas or receive much.

“We are asking local people to pop into store and take a tag off our tree and fill a shoe box with some gifts.

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She continued: “We can’t wait to help spread some joy this Christmas and to help the community. As a business we thought in a time where there is so much uncertainty and worry for people and their families, we thought this was a great way to bring people together in our community’s to help each other out.

“We think it’s so important to make sure that everyone has something to look forward to and make them smile over the Christmas period, especially the vulnerable members of the community that may don’t get chance to see a loved one over the next few months due to COVID-19.”

Abbie Higham – Community Champion for Dunelm – added: “We’re asking our community group to come into stores and donate gifts for the person they’ve chosen on the label and the idea is just to support our local community.

“It’s going to be a hard Christmas for people if they’re struggling so we want to make sure they’re going to get a gift this year, at least something.”

“We’d like to reach as many people as possible.”

Shoppers keen to take part in the campaign are are encouraged to check how their local Dunelm store is planning to “deliver joy” this year, so if you are planning on heading down to your nearest branch, its advisable to check the opening times ahead of your visit.

You can do so via the Dunelm store locator here.

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