Tourist has their mind blown by first trip to the Trafford Centre in a strangely heart-warming TikTok video

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 7th April 2022

A British tourist who documented their first ever visit to the Trafford Centre has gone viral.

In a strangely heart-warming video posted to TikTok, the Portsmouth local seemed stunned by the size of our local shopping centre.

Captioned ‘Feel like I’m in Butlins lowkey’, the video showed her walking through the food court and the Trafford Palazzo.

She was also stunned by the ‘fancy statues’ and the number of attractions packed in amongst the retail units.

The video has already been viewed by more than a million people and amassed more than 160,000 likes.


TikTok user @da.rla wrote: “I’ve never been to Manchester before why is this shopping centre so big.

“There’s a Lego Land and a SeaLife Centre??? And fancy statues??


“My local shopping centre is the size of this food hall.”

Lots of locals have said that it’s actually quite touching to see people experiencing the shopping centre – something we all take for granted – for the first time.

One person commented: “Watching people experience the Trafford Centre for the first time is my favourite thing.”


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Someone else said: “I forget there’s people who haven’t grown up seeing the Trafford Centre.”

Another posted: “Lol I literally live round the corner from here, it makes me laugh how excited people get over it.”

Do you remember your first trip to the Trafford Centre?

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons / TikTok @da.rla