Experts say millions of Brits unnecessarily keep ketchup in the fridge


It’s not the only condiment we tend to wrongly store either.

New research has revealed that millions of Brits choose to keep ketchup in the refrigerator when they do not actually need to.

According to the consumer choice company Which?, after surveying 444 of its members, only one in five British citizens would refer to the label on the back of the product to advise on where to correctly store a condiment and for how long.

It followed up by claiming that many consumers are likely to only refer to the ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates, without giving any attention to directions on where to store, resulting in potential risks to health. The general rule of thumb is that ‘use by’ dates should be strictly adhered to, while smell and taste are handy guides for ‘best before’.


Which? stated that: “We discovered a lot of confusion, misinformation and downright bad habits - including ones that could be putting their health at risk.”.

Ketchup isn’t the only product that we tend to store incorrectly either, with mayonnaise, pesto and maple syrup featuring on a long list of items being the subject of much discussion.

The long and short of it? If a product contains egg, nuts or has a high water content, then it’s advised to stick it in the fridge for health and longevity, but if artificial or natural preservatives are used, then the cupboard is a perfectly safe bet.

So there you have it.

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