Wetherspoons now lets you build your own fry up breakfast

JD Wetherspoons

Calling all breakfast fans, Wetherspoons now allow you to create your own breakfast using their app.

You'll now be able to build a whopping fry up with the app, with items such as sausages, bacon, egg, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, plenty of toast, and much more on offer.

It's no surprise the popular pub chain is trying to entice customers in this way, as more people than ever are turning vegan, vegetarian, or participating in Dry January this year– meaning a decline in hangover breakfast sales for a couple of months at least.

JD Wetherspoons

Simply pick out seven items on the app and wait for your bespoke breakfast to arrive at the table.

It's currently being trialled in 100 Spoons branches across the country, so it's definitely worth checking if your local pub has the offer available (it's likely the biggest one in your area will be doing it).

JD Wetherspoons

And as always, people on social media have had their say, with the general consensus being sheer excitement at the possibility of ordering dozens of hash browns.

Okay that's enough from me, I'm off to Moon Under Water for a midnight brekky.

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