Karen’s Diner is hiring waiters to be mean to customers in Manchester

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 2nd June 2022

The much talked-about diner where staff are deliberately rude to customers is on a recruitment drive. 

Karen’s Diner is set to open in Manchester next month after making the move over from Australia. 

The American-style interactive diner promises terrible customer service and urges its customers to ‘complain until the cows come home because we literally don’t care’.

A branch has already opened in Sheffield, where customers are greeted with stares and swears, forced to parade around the room undertaking challenges, and treated like a total inconvenience. 

And now Karen’s Diner is hiring some more sassy staff to join the team ahead of its Manchester opening. 


Successful applicants will get to take part in the concept that’s a complete departure from the normal forced politeness in hospitality settings.

They’re recruiting managers, supervisors, and bar and floor Karens.

Karen’s Diner is hiring staff.

Several people already seem keen to join, with more than 1600 comments on the recruitment post already. 

One person tagged in a friend saying: “You have the perfect customer service for this.”

Another commented: “Maybe this is the job i’m supposed to be in.”


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Someone else said: “Literally found the perfect career change for us.”

To apply to work at Karen’s Diner, you can email your CV to [email protected].

You can also book your table at Karen’s Diner Manchester here

Featured image: The Manc Group