Police break into art gallery to rescue ‘unconscious’ woman that ended up being a mannequin

An easy enough mistake to make.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 13th December 2022

Police in London forced entry to an art gallery to rescue a woman they’d had reports was “unconscious” inside the building.

But instead, she actually turned out to just be a mannequin.

After going to the trouble of breaking into the building, officers discovered the lifeless woman they had been trying to save was in fact part of an art installation titled ‘Kristina’ – which was commissioned by Banksy’s former agent Steve Lazarides, who is now the owner and dealer at art gallery Laz Emporium in West London.

The eye-catching – and apparently, trouble-causing – art installation sits in the window of the gallery, and features a woman in a bright yellow hoody and trainers, who is slumped face forward in a bowl of soup, with her long blonde hair hiding her face from the public.

Based on Mr Lazarides’ sister, the realistic sculpture was created by American artist Mark Jenkins.


Metropolitan Police said in a statement on the incident that they were responding to a call about a “person in distress” at the gallery on 25 November, Sky News reports.

But when officers forced entry to the address, they uncovered that the person, was in fact, a mannequin.

Police break into art gallery to rescue ‘unconscious’ woman that ended up being a mannequin / Credit: Laz Emporium

Recalling the events of the bizarre incident, Mr Lazarides explained: “Hannah who was working in the gallery that day had just locked up and gone upstairs to make a cup of tea.

“She came down to find the door off its hinges and two confused police officers.”

Believe it or not – although it’s probably not that hard to believe – this isn’t the first time the installation has caused a bit of mayhem in a similar situation, as apparently back in October, other concerned members of the public also called 999 to assist the woman, with paramedics also attending to realise she wasn’t real.


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Reckon this is all a part of the message of the art? We’re not too sure – but it’s certainly got people talking, that’s for certain.

Featured Image – Laz Emporium