Luxurious Manchester bar Sexy Fish named as one of the best in the entire world

It's only been open a few months!

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 10th May 2024

A luxurious bar in Spinningfields has been named among the best in the world in a brand-new bar guide.

Sexy Fish, the Manchester bar and restaurant that’s filled with bold and bright interiors and giant sea creature sculptures, has been named as one of the best on the planet.

The bar was hailed for its ‘down-to-earth gracious service’ and for having ‘premium hospitality with a northern tint’.

Sexy Fish Manchester was singled out in the new The Pinnacle Guide, which labels itself as ‘the drinks industry’s answer to Michelin’.

The guide will award ‘Pins’ (much like how Michelin awards Stars) to bars across the planet, with a maximum of three Pins handed out to truly exceptional establishments.


The Pinnacle Guide has been conceived by a trio of talented drinks professionals; Hannah-Sharman Cox, Siobhan Payne and Dan Dove.

Of Sexy Fish Manchester, they acknowledged the ‘wow-factor’ of the bar, helped along by huge artworks by the likes of Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts.


They also said: “While the decor sets the tone, the service and drinks at Sexy Fish Manchester are up to the task of continuing it. Drinks menus are a reflection of the creativity and innovation of the team and the cocktail list is a collaboration across the global group.

“Flavours are dreamt up, and trialled and tested by the team before being approved and every drink that makes it to the menu tends to have some form of prep involved which takes place off-site in a group beverage lab, be it infusion, distillation, oleos, sous vide or casein clarification.

“Cocktails across the group are therefore very modern, often innovative and presented with extreme flamboyance.”


The guide continued: “Located as this venue is in Manchester, the blend of Sexy Fish glamour with the down-to-earth hospitality style of the north England may feel incompatible but the staff here prove otherwise.

“In a venue that is all about opulence, they are committed to guiding guests through the offering and relaxing them into the high-energy venue.”

Congratulations Sexy Fish Manchester – what a bar!

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Featured image: The Manc Group