Nell’s Pizza and Burgerism are colliding in an unreal crossover for one week only

Eyes widening. Mouth watering. Stomach grumbling like a monster truck.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 23rd May 2024

Beloved local pizza joint Nell’s and fellow Manchester favourites Burgerism are set to collide for an unreal collab that sounds like it’s going to be a Manc foodie’s wet dream.

No, we don’t mind being rude at all because this sounds seriously naughty.

That’s right, in a crossover that we can only build as the stuff of legend, Nell’s is creating a brand-new limited edition Burgerism pizza that will be available for one week only and if you don’t already know it’s going to sell out immediately then you’ve severely underestimated the pull these two brands have.

You’ll have to fight us for that last slice.

Simply given the name ‘Burgerismed’, it features a tomato base, shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded and smoked mozzarella, pickles, caramelised chuck beef from Littlewoods Butchers, and the signature and secret Burgerism sauce.


Yes, they’re quite literally building a gourmet cheeseburger – the most ordered takeaway in Manchester on Deliveroo (that’s how popular they are) on a pizza. It’s still bread, cheese and meat, just make it flat.

This glorious creation, unveiled in line with National Burger Day on 28 May, can be ordered in either 14″ or the legendary 22″ formats, but let’s be honest, we’re all going big and greedy. It is the Nell’s way.


As mentioned, the Burgerismed pizza is only on for seven very special days starting from next Tuesday (28 May) at the original Nell’s in Northern Quarter, their site Kampus and from The Beagle in Chorlton, so you best make the most of the opportunity.

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Jonny Heyes, founder of Nell’s, said of the collab: “The combination of the two most important food groups on the planet, only to be witnessed for a short time here at Nell’s.

“Burger x Pizza death match, our dreamy dough combined with smash patties, pickles, lettuce and Burgerism’s sensational secret sauce. What could be better.”


As for Burgerism, founder and CEO Mark Murphy added on their end: “When I order food, obviously I only order Burgerism. But I’ve always wondered about the idea of a Burgerism pizza – our smashed, caramelised meat, fresh toppings, and unique Burgerism sauce on a delicious, doughy base.

“Burger or pizza is an age-old dilemma for many, but for one week only there’s no need to compromise and that’s what this collaboration is all about. And we truly hope the fans enjoy this limited-edition creation.” We’re absolutely certain we will.

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Featured Images — The Manc Eats