A bloke on TikTok is teaching people how to speak to their cats — and it might actually be working

Ever wanted to speak feline? This bloke just might have cracked it.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 23rd June 2023

A guy on TikTok is trying to teach people to how to speak to their cats and the craziest part is, it might actually be working.

Content creator and apparent feline whisperer, Alec Newman, makes all kinds of videos on often bizarre social media app but, undoubtedly, his most popular kind of clips are the ones where he’s been teaching other people how to have a chat with their cats.

He might have only made just four episodes thus far but you can’t really argue with his results, as thousands of people are now trying out his tricks to great success.

@alecanewman Replying to @Aylin But if your cat is sleeping peacefully, let them nap a bit longer. #cattok #howtospeakcat ♬ original sound – Alecanewman

Don’t believe us? Exhibit B:

@mycatdexter #stitch with @Alecanewman ♬ original sound – Vivi

And C — he claims to have learned this one “from a Siamese 30 years ago”…

@romana_ks it worked perfectly #catsoftiktok #cattalk #fyp @Alecanewman ♬ Originalton – Vanessa

And D, if the D stands for ‘don’t bite my leg, you cheeky little sod’:

@alecanewman Replying to @Aleks | Digital Entrepreneur I’ve also found going “CAT!” works from time to time. #catsoftiktok #cattok #howtospeakcat ♬ original sound – Alecanewman

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You have to admit, pretty cool, right?


I mean, we’ve heard of the ‘blinking means they love you’ thing before, but this is a completely different kettle of fish (don’t give leave kettles of fish around your home if you have a cat by the way, by the way, they’ll go mental).

While there might obviously be an element of these cute little kittens simply reacting to an ambiguous noise to let their owners know they heard them and perhaps even trying to cadge some extra food — although he does have a video on that too — there is a clear call and response going on.

Even one person who speculated and insisted that each pet and their owner obviously create their own dialect between them did concede that “he’s on to something“. All we know is that if this man has genuinely figured out how to speak to cats, then when we want him to ask why they think it’s funny to come into our room and do zoomies at 4am for absolutely no reason and then leave.


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Featured Image — Alec Newman (via TikTok)