Hawksmoor to celebrate National Burger Day with menu prices from 2008

Now this is our kind of time machine.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 22nd August 2023

Hawksmoor is going to be winding back the clock this week to celebrate National Burger Day, and slashing its prices in the process.

It’s not secret to any of us that everything is expensive these days, whether it’s buying meat in the supermarket, going out for dinner, or nabbing gig tickets.

And even though 2008 was famously the year of the financial crisis, a lot of stuff still wasn’t as eye-wateringly spenny as it is now.

So Hawksmoor, a firm favourite on the Manchester food and drink scene, have decided to flash back to 2008 with their menu prices for the next week.

It’s to celebrate National Burger Day and 15 years since their legendary hamburger debuted.


A staple of the steak restaurant’s menu, the Hawksmoor Hamburger is made from grass-fed beef and bone marrow nuggets, topped with melty Ogleshield cheese and all the fixings.

It was previously voted one of the best in Europe and easily holds its own against the restaurant’s menu of top-quality steaks and fish dishes.


And they still promise that the best way to eat it is with fries and a cold tinnie.

Hawksmoor will be offering that classic combo – burger fries, and a drink – for just £18 in Manchester, the same price it was back in 2008.

These days, that would normally set you back £25.25.


Hawksmoor said: “As National Burger Day approaches, we’ve been thinking about innovation and, more specifically, how it is sometimes greatly overrated.

“We’re not shy of a bit of menu wizardry or tinkering in search of recipe perfection, but sometimes when you nail a classic, you need to down tools and recognise it as such.

“The Hawksmoor Hamburger debuted in 2008 and has been a mainstay ever since. Made from grass-fed beef and bone marrow nuggets, the juicy patty is topped with melty Ogleshield cheese and all the fixings.”

The deal is running between 21 and 31 August, from 12pm to 6pm. To redeem the offer, write ‘National Burger Day’ in the special request box when booking online, or quote this phrase to the host when calling the restaurant or upon arrival. Walk-ins welcome.

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